Free Copy & Official Release of Second /unreal/ Anthology

Greetings enthusiasts,

We, the /unreal/ Press, are today making the release of our second anthology collection official.

We stealth launched this one way back in January of this year so as not to conflict with the release of SHAMAN: marching dusk, then got caught up with the new podcast we’re running, but we believe the world is now completely ready for The Shah of True Bay and Other Stories.

Physical and e-book versions are available to purchase following the link below for those who want to show support, however, we are also giving this one to you entirely free-of-charge. All you need to do is use the download link also posted below.

This time we opened the collection up to outside submissions, the best of whom were selected for appearance in the book — alongside returning in-house writers. So, inside you will find 12 more short stories showcasing the best of what 4chan’s /lit/ has to offer, including contributions from aspiring amateurs you may recognise for their contributions to other popular online publications.

Check out the podcast if you haven’t already and keep an eye out for the upcoming third anthology collection.

The /unreal/ Press: continuing to curate and collect for you the work that is pushing the medium forward.

Amazon link:

Free PDF copy:

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