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L.A. Labuschagne

Somebody with a zest for life and the regrets to prove it, L.A. Labuschagne (rhymes with champagne) can usually be found studying, debating about what she just studied, or forgetting to study because she was too busy writing fiction, trying on outfits, playing with guns, mixing drinks, or going to church. A steadfast member of Unreal Press, L.A. joined the group at its inception during the 2020 NaNoWriMo challenge and has remained a constant irritation to everyone else ever since. Her channel on its official top-secret discord server regularly sees criticism, argument, and occasional quality prose. In terms of gainful employment, L.A. is currently reading a Bachelor’s of Theology at an unspecified South African university. She insists that minoring in philosophy and science of religion is a good idea regardless of her lecture schedule. She’s discerning between professorship and sisterhood in a religious order and supplements her income by ghost-writing. The woman also enjoys a good cocktail and a game of cards by her sorority in her free time. In terms of her writing, she’s currently focused on publishing her first and second novels, a dark science-fantasy epic and an urban fantasy thriller, respectively. L.A. proudly cites Nabokov, Lovecraft, and Howard as major literary influences and begrudgingly cites that playing many tabletop games and watching Saturday morning cartoons also inspired her a fair bit.

Otherwise, L.A. is a keen listener to alt-rock and underground metal. When she’s not headbanging, checking out new shoes, or paging through esoteric literature, she’s an active member of her university community. She has served on various committees and forms of student management and outreach, in addition to appearing at the appropriate parties

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